Sunday, 16 May 2010

busy week

I have had a busy week with no finished craft projects, I been working on jewellery with Tracy and have lots planned for this next week.
I have taken time out with Martin to go watch GB men play volleyball in Sheffield. I have seen quite a few international matches over the years (I even been a linesman at over 34) but this one was pretty special. GB were in a tight corner, they needed to win in straight sets and with at least 16 points between the teams. Setter and team captain Ben Pipes had organised tickets for his old team mates and we turned out in force.
We met up for a meal first and by the time we got to the match we were ready to make as much noise as possible. It was hard to believe Ben had come so far from the young 12 year old we first met at YPI in Hull. He motivated his team and played brilliantly. He took time to speak to his family and his old team before having to dash off to speak to the press. We were all so proud of Ben and the whole team who came to do a job, won the game with points to spare, very tense, but so up lifting well done.

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