Sunday, 9 May 2010

Starting the inspiration

Yesterday I made a last trip to Peterborough for a while this week an on the way home kick started my design time by visiting afew plces on the way home. Martin and I stopped at the Hub in Sleaford which is a National Centre for Craft and Design. We saw two exhibitions that had me reaching for paper when I got back to the van. I wish I had taken my camera.

We had planned some time to talk and eat on our trip, we usually manage to find n excellent afternoon tea or something similar. One favourite spot is Quaintways in Folkingham. A really old fashioned and friendly spot with large tea pots and slices of cake. It always makes me expect the famous five or some other Enid Blyton character to come in and order lashing of ginger beer.
I think there has been a slight price increase on this menu but it is still an excellent price and great quality. e have yet to try their rost lunches but it is on my list!
Folkingham came along too early in our trip yesterday so we gave it a pass, expecting to find something equally lovely in Louth or somewhere but we didn't. We did find several old fashioned sweet shops, so indulged in buying pineapple chunks for Martin, catherine wheels for Dotty and fondent cream roses for me
if you know that part of the country and you can suggest somewhere for afternoon tea let me know.

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Eni said...

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Stephen Isabirye