Saturday, 19 January 2013

A beautiful place to be

With continued snow I have not spent any time crafting at the studio this week.
I did drive up there and pick up some stash to play with at home, but brain obviously wasn't working and although I brought plenty home, I forgot some vital and even some stuff to post out.
I did however fall in love yet again with the view and took some photos. I am sharing them so you might know a little of why I love this place.
These were taken at the studios on Wednesday, the snow was not deep, the paths had all been gritted but it was cold.

 It does look equally pretty for Summer School, so I am going to make a brew and settle down to get Summer School details on the Website, I think I better those who came last year have been pestering me for dates so they can get booked early for this year.


Hazel said...

yes please I can't wait for summer school!!!! I love the pictures one of the reasons I like coing up so uch is your studio is in such an ispirational place.

Lynnda said...

Thanks you Hazel

Elaine said...

Looks a great place - love the photos!!