Sunday, 20 January 2013

Beverley Westwood

Between where I live and the studios is a magical place called the WESTWOOD. Is a large open pasture managed by the Pasture Masters, there are cattle, a golf course and the racecourse. It is in short a great place to escape to whatever the weather if you live or visit near here.
Here are some views of just a small part, taken on my way home from the studio on Wednesday

Here is a fantastic view of Beverley Minster. I love the way you see the Monster as you drive home from anywhere. There are great views of it from the studios.  It is easy to see how it has dominated the local landscape for hundreds of years and has been a testament to the town. From Medieval times Beverley had a reputation for having the finest merchants and today it enjoys a similar reputation for it's independent stores that mix well with the big names.


Elaine said...

Beautiful photos - love snowy landscapes with blue sky!! Here it's a white-out.

Lynnda said...

Blue skies were earlier in the week Elaine, we have had more snow since then and a few more people have been on the Westwood as it is a favourite place to go sledging as there are no hills in Hull.

Hazel said...

Great pics Lynnda.