Wednesday, 16 April 2008

where does the time go

over a week since my last post, I am still recovering from the show.
This week I have been dashing around with my best clothes meeting various business people in nice hotels. It has probably been a welcome break but it amazing how all these things all come at once.
Yesterday involved me getting to the hotel 30 minutes ahead of the meeting to do a live braodcast on Radio Humberside. It was a lot of fun and I was pleased to get my piece out of the way before the full days activities started but it did make for a long day.
I did seem to spend an awful amount of time explaining what I do now! Even one of the ladies who sell scrapbooking items needed me to explain how unmounted stamps work and why they so much more versatile than wood mounted rubber.
It was nice to listen to other people stories how they had ended up doing what they were doing, for most people it was about a life changing experience.
We also had a very nice lunch in super surroundings, and I have more of this to come this week,
Lets hope that it all helps to move the business forward.

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Eels said...

Hi, I think we all had a good day. It was difficult not to really, what with all my favourite things in one place; somewhere to craft, stash shopping opportunities, bacon sarnies, chance to talk all day (and you all know how much I hate that!) and best of all my mum, my girls and good friends for company, what more could I want. Not even a husband in sight (well not mine anyways, I'll let Martin off on the grounds that he was 'Mostly Harmless' and even quite useful at times. Hope he doesn't read this!)
All the best Elisa x