Monday, 12 April 2010

Spring has sprung

As we drove south to Alexandra Palace on Friday it was pleasing to seeing that the hedges were full of blossom as the blackthorns were turning white. Near the hotel trees were full of cherry blossom. Back home three days later and the blackthorn is still biding it's time and the cherry is looking thoughtful. The magnolias just about to burst forth with some flowers openning. I am feeling inspired.

This was our first show for about 5 months and I have come home with a long list of jobs to get on with to be fair it is probably just a longer version of the one I came home with when we drove back from Ally Pally in September!! where does the time go?
Got the chance to catch with a few Oak House Studio fans including Elaine who came to demo for me on Saturday and brought me some samples ready for e next TV show. Keep an eye on her blog as she tends to post pictures on there before she sends me the samples.

Life is getting so busy I am looking for more help with samples. IF you would like to help email me at

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