Thursday, 28 June 2012

A day in the studio

Ben and I have had a busy day at the studio, we spent the morning cleaning out and re organising all my inks pads ahead of teaching the inks course on Monday. We spent the afternoon producing and bottle some new spray inks colours in the new bottles.
These bottles were on on offer at our normal suppliers and hold 75ml which is 50% more than our normal bottles. But we saved so much on the bottles we are going to be offering these at the same price as the "normal ones" so you will get 50% extra ink free. We have also splashed out on screw top AND spray tops, which means you can get both tops for our regular £4.99 price. That makes it easier to clean your spray tops at the end of a session without spilling your precious ink.  If you already have spray bottles or mini misters, we will also be able to sell the inks as a refill bottle for just £3.50
I do rather like painting with these inks too, so having the screw tops on is going to make that all easier too.
More colours to sort out next week too.
Please note that when requiring teenagers to help with production tasks generous helpings of Pringles and Quality Street certainly helps


Redanne said...

I did wonder why that box of Quality Street was there too! The colours look amazing. A x

Elaine said...

Loving that blue, oh and the green, and and - they're looking great!

Crafty_Fairie said...

The range of colours is stunning.Think I may have to get some of these as I need to start experimenting with different mediums and these look just like what i need.

Kerry x

Lynnda said...

Loads more colours in my head and huge box of bottles now so the colours will keep expanding, you know what I am like, one thing leads to another, don't know when to stop!

Diane said...

Amazing colours and excellent idea to have the different tops, such a simple idea but it will extend the life and the versatility.....wish I had that on my other inks.
...oh and your new studio looks truly wonderful....hope you have lots of happy crafty times in there!

Lynnda said...

Thanks Diane, the two tops idea came from listening to another shop owner, seems to make sense for us and the customer.

Hazel said...

Can't wait until I visit next week as I am getting some Inks. WooHoo!!