Sunday, 10 June 2012

Revamp a lamp - a One stamp Challenge Project

Hi it's Diane from "just add glue to" blog again joining Lynnda in her quest to showcase numerous of ways of using stamps and support her with her One Stamp challenge.

After having a lovely messy time recycling a broken mirror using Lynnda's fabulous Clematis stamp, I decided to make a matching lampshade....which was a bargain £1 buy from a charity shop. 

During my experimenting for the mirror project I dug out some Mulberry paper (something I hadn't used for a long time). it has a lovely fabric quality to it and I loved the effect of stamping on it, I also discovered that Promarkers bled and blended on it beautifully, so this was going to be how I decorated it.

But on reflection as the stamped feature on the mirror was white I decided to keep to just the blue and white theme.
Like the Mirror I was conscious of safety and was careful with not having the paper in contact with the bulb or using flammable glue - I used Pinflair Book Binding glue- although modern energy saving bulbs don't tend to give off the heat of older style bulbs...better to be safe than sorry!

I randomly stuck the cut out stamped images round the shade and further adorned (hid dirty marks!!!) with some punched vellum butterflies and some 3d paint.......why oh why did I just not sit back and think "job done!!!"?

It dawned on me that often the most visible bit of  a lampshade is the inside.... I know.... I will stamp a matching design inside.... the mirror project I found that I could use the stamp independently of a block (particularly useful for stamping on a curved surface), but this time I added a little card handle for ease of placement, but I kept the handle thin so that I could still lay it flat and apply the ink.
I used a Whispers Ink pad which is a permanent ink but I found that rather than let it dry I could wipe it away and it left a subtle image....but me being me carried on and decide to ink over it to add a subtle colour...quite honestly...a bit of dogs dinner!! but surprisingly my daughter still liked it and says she's going to use it (in the spare room!!!)

I am really looking forward to seeing what Lynnda is going to do, as I am sure I could have done this project better... so really hoping for some inspiration and if anyone has any suggestions (putting it in the bin and starting again is a possibility!) or ideas I would love to hear from you.


Elaine said...

Great projects - love your mirror embossed with white and your lampshade. It's amazing what you can do with ONE STAMP and not just on card!!

Redanne said...

Really loving your projects Diane, I loved the mirror but this is just inspired! Wonderful. A x

Lynnda said...

INSPIRED!! Diane thank yuou once agfain for joining and showing your support I love your approach to crafting.

Sylvia Anderson said...

This is beautiful Sweetie x

Lizzy R said...

Well Done Diane I really like this and your mirror project, I rather like the mirror Lynnda did too. Hope she will be doing that as one of her workshops.