Tuesday, 12 June 2012

there is more

 Sunday was a  much quieter day visitor wise, with mainly other artists from the studios popping in plus Martin. Every visit had food attached to it too as I think everyone thought I might forget to eat. (Don't they know me).

I finished off a few projects started on Saturday more of those later but with new Colour Chemistry inks due out very soon I was tempted to play.
I think in general I am always a fan of what every products are out on the table.
One project I had saved for Sunday was a silk scarf, I have made a few but still working on way to use stamps even more. This project is part of the fabric one day courses that are part of my summer school offering this year.

I used Derwent products for part but it was quite nice to discover the Colour Chemistry inks were best for some parts. I had put myself under pressure time wise with this one so had to resort to my latest mantra of KISS Keep It Simple S(tupid) actually don't like the stupid bit so looking for another word there. Given more time I think I would of added more flowers but today it was about KISS. So I managed to get one end painted just as Martin arrived with a chinese takeaway which I wolfed down quickly and sent him away again so I could finish the scarf.

 After that I moved chairs so I was sat with my back to the clock got my head down and tried to balance speed with accuracy. I was going to complete this if it meant staying till midnight. Imagine my joy when I finished and turned round to discover it was a few minutes to 8. Considering the time warp that occurs when you are the studio this was brilliant. So I hung it out to dry whilst I did a quick tidy up.

Dates for classes and other events at the studio can be found here http://www.oakhousestudio.com/events.html.

I hope to see you there very soon.

Lynnda  x


Redanne said...

Hy Lynnda, all the work was worth it, the scarf looks fantastic with the clematis tower on it. I love it!

Lizzy R said...

I so love this, I guess you have painted that a few time now ; ) well done clever idea. Off to check out summer school dates.

Linda said...

WOW Lynnda this is fabulous! I am loving the colour it is gorgeous.

Linda xxxx

I am a new follower too :)

Crafty Fran said...

Wow I love the scarf xx

Lynnda said...

Thanks everyone I guess it was the project I was "saving for best". I guess you need a bit more courage to stamp on material rather than card or paper but if it goes wrong you can wash it out...I did enjoy it.

Lindsay Craftymonster81 said...

Oh wow! What a beautiful scarf and so lovely to see a different type of project
Lindsay xx

debbi taylor said...

your scarf looks fantastic
great result!
Debbi x
am a new follower!

Elaine said...

Loving the scarf - it looks brilliant!!

Marleen Gallagher said...

ahh wow that scarf is beautiful. well done. New follower from CBN xx

Diane said...

Stunning project....beautifully done, love it!

Danie May said...

Lovely transformation of the scarf! I love the pretty colors. I which I lived in the UK as I would love to join you for one of your classes. xx

laurie said...