Thursday, 28 April 2016

Stampbord Challenge By Katy Leitch

Stampbord Keyring. 

Stampbord is pretty robust, especially if you varnish it, so it makes great jewellery pieces. It’s also incredibly smooth so takes stamping really well. A nice touch is to scratch back the ink to reveal the white clay surface underneath and Stampbord make a tool for this purpose.
1 Colour a piece of Stampbord by sponging with Pure Colour Chemistry inks in Citrus Lime and French Mint.
2 Stamp the image from the Texture Squares set in permanent black ink. Use a Stampbord tool to scratch a white border around the stamped image.
3 Add a keychain and a wooden flower coloured with metallic silver pen or paint.


French Mint and Citrus Lime

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rachel said...

this is super - love it Katy x