Sunday, 25 September 2016

Altered Wooden Beads

Stamping on Wooden Beads

This is more of adding my personality to something well made but plain. This project was one of those "well that wasn't what I expected it to do, BUT I love it!" projects.

I bought these beads some time ago, I think they would have have 90p a string maybe a little more... off to try and buy some more now anyway so I can update you on that.

I decided that it would be easier to stamp on several beads at once in i left them on the string. So I stamped the first string great, and called Ben in to film me stamp the rest... yep you guesses it, didn't work as well. Some of the more tightly strung beads didn't lie as flat, so when I do this again I may restring the bead myself and leave small gaps between them.

Anyway here is the video. 

The archival ink bleed a little but I like the effect. the staz on was darker. 
I loved the combination of both.
I might add some of these to the wash bags. 


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Brenda Lester said...

I enjoyed the stamping on beads,I had never thought of doing that before xx