Saturday, 24 September 2016

ONE STAMP weekend September 2016

Well I am up and my apron is on, I have to say I was wanting to use newer technology for you all to see things in real time, at the moment that just isn't happening.

But we have lots planned and I have several projected started with some prep done, so now it is 8 am I am just going to get on start crafting. I really hope you will join in.

Please Join by crafting along with us and posting your makes, but even if you can't get crafting this weekend you can join in, with comments likes and shares.

At the bottom of every post on the this blog there are social sharing buttons, it would be really great if you could press one or two and share you favourite posts and makes.

Love Lynnda xxx


Sara Y said...

I can't join in getting crafty this weekend but will be following along and probably treat myself to some new goodies on Monday x

Michelle Howard said...

excited to watch the day unfold x