Saturday, 24 September 2016

ONE STAMP Thoresby Stamp

Add Personality ~ Using Stamps to upcycle washbags from Ikea.

I love these wash bags from IKEA, they are cost effect do the job and the PINK one a great colour. But many of you will know I am going through a rather extent green and blue phase so I dug out a set of blue ones I had stashed away, but pretty sensible navy blue... So I have started the process of adding some personality to them.

So going to use some acrylic tags and some staz on ink to add a touch of Thoresby to them,
Teal Blue Staz on of course ( I will get this ink pad on the website as soon as I can, message me if you can't wait that long as I do have a little stock).

I have stamped the pattern on the the tags, let it dry  & then used some cord to add it to the bag.
I am going to add some bead oddments and maybe even some odd earrings.
 (because we all have some of them saved don't we),

Hope you are joining in at home and I hope you have enjoyed the first day. I will be back again between 8am and 8pm tomorrow with different projects so please come and watch or even better join in. 
Please keep sharing and spreading the word , it really does help little businesses like me working on my own at home to keep going.


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Sylvia Ames said...

Love those Thoresby tags, great idea to brighten a plain bag. May be tempted to do this myself and add some of the pattern to the bag too. Thank you Lynnda xx