Sunday, 25 September 2016

How to Kiss Stamp ~ Using the Thoresby stamp from Oak House Studio

Using pigment ink to kiss two stamps together.

I really enjoy the possibilities you have with kiss stamping, stamps are versatile but when you combine two stamps together you get an even bigger range of outcomes.

The key to kiss stamping are have two stamps, one that is solid and one that is more textured.
The Thoresby designs could be either of these. In this video I have used it combined with solid circles and so the Thoresby acts as the texture stamp.
The other essential is using an ink that stays open for a while, this is tech speak for an ink that dries slowly. Oak House Studio pigment ink pads are ideal for that,
In the video I have used two triple ink pads. 

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Elaine said...

Fabulous video Lynnda. Kiss Stamping is a great technique and very addictive I find. Great mix of colours and easy to do with the triple ink pads!!

Susan said...

Hey Lynnda This is a great video - explained this really well. I'm new at stamping so learning these techniques is fab for me! Love the colours of your inks and that Thoresby stamp is lovely. Thinking of using it in an embroidery. Cheers

The Decorating Diva said...

Great video Lynnda. So much easier to learn from a video.

Michelle Howard said...

Well done for doing a warts and all video, refreshing and useful.

Anonymous said...

Liking the look of those triple ink pads, time to treat myself me thinks xx
Thanks Lynda,