Sunday, 1 June 2008

back from my travels

We have returned safely from our trip to Norfolk. We went to the Caravan Club National Rally at Holkham Hall. This is something we try and do most years. I have been going since I was about 6 years old.

Martin's parents were there and we were joined by Elaine and her family. Elaine is one the other designers at Oak House Studio. We did lots of talking but very little crafting, surprising little actually.

Martin was playing in the volleyball tournament, but the highlight of the weekend for Martin, Ben and most of the volleyball team was a trip to Wembly to see Hull City make it into the premier league. This trip took some organising. Firstly everyone had to get a ticket which wasn't as easy as it sounds as everyone in Hull wanted to go I think!! Then they had to organise a train from Kings Lynn. Then there was panic that the gates would be locked by the time they got back so more phone calls to arrange late entry, then they had to arrange with the Volleyball organiser to play their games first thing Saturday morning. That agreed time was still tight to get to Kings Lynn so they convinced West Yorkshire to play them at 8:30 am and Leicester to get up early to ref the game. What great sports these guys were to do that. With not too much trouble they won their pool and went through to the next round on Sunday and changed East Yorkshire shirts for City shirts and dashed off.

I stayed behind to look after our dog and another one. I had a great day, lots of walks and fresh air, then found myself nodding off whilst listening to the game on the radio. Records show that Hull City won the game and the from the stories they tell everyone had a great time.

I think the adrenalin they had all been pumping all week carried them through because not only did they win the pool on Sunday beating Cheshire, they got up early on Monday to play the semi finals and won through in the final...Amazing. Martin would like me to tell you he won at cribbage too. The others will tell you it was tie between him and myself but Martin insisted on playing on until we had a winner so as usual we let him win so we could go to bed!!

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