Monday, 2 June 2008

let us all eat cake

I had a lovely night out with some of the girls in the design team as a post script to my birthday.

We met up for cocktails and then went to a new resturant to try out an exciting menu. Elisa was the last to arrive, as those who know her would have guessed. To be fair to Elisa she was the only one who had been "out to work" that day, those of us who work from home get a head start on getting ready. And to be fair, she is the only one with daughters who wanted to help her get ready and make suggestions (to be honest I am not sure what I would have to wear to get my boys to notice any thing different!!). We saw her drive past long before she arrived but she had a parking problem (the rest of us had been delivered by our DHs).

By the time she actually got to the tapas bar, I was well into the singapor slings again, so very relaxed. So I was very calm when she handed me a large cake box, well it was my birthday "do". Inside was a really great cake, the lady who had made it had been on all the websites including this blog, so there I was sat on this cake surrounded by cards, ink pads and stamps. The cards even had images reflecting the new designs especially the floral frames and the sunflower. next to me was my tap shoes. I am well known for taking my shoes off but seeing tap shoes with the little taps underneath was very special. Oh yes! forgot to say, there I was sat with shoes and my head off. Getting to the Tapas bar the head had fallen of the figure on the cake, we stuck it back on several times, and was a bit disconcerting having ones head rolling round in a box, and of course I couldn't bring myself to eat the head no matter how sweet my tooth is.

We had a great night, with half the resturant wanting to look inside my box, but we ate too much and couldn't face dessert. So we ajourned for the night and met up the next day at Hazels. This did mean we had to share with the kids, but they enjoyed a an afternoon getting wet and we ate cake and had a go with Eliza's new brayer.

I really like this techneque but Eliza was not taking to it as well as she normally does, after lots of playing we decided it was the card stock and we left it to try with something more shiney!!
Heres my cake and you should be able to see the brayer and ink that what I call a birthday.
If you want to see the stamps ( sunflower and floral frames go to )

and here are the kids getting wet!They had a lovely time, and I really enjoyed "looking after" them. Not sure they needed looking after BUT!!

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