Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Radio Star

It has been a difficult few days, with nothing seeming to go OK however I did get through a Radio Interview that lasted for about 20 minutes live late last night.

I was invited by Steve Redgrave on Radio Humberside to take part in their "every picture tells a story"

so thought I would share my picture with you here too.

this picture show me a fellow designer Elaine Kettle with some very early craft work, here we are presenting a comptetition entry for a garden on a saucer!! looks as those dresses. The sad thing is I have a pair of white boots on with that dress. I can't remember who won, but have started to think about if taking part in these sort of competitions, are part of what has made me want to trying something different, to stand out from the crowd in some small way.

I hope to have some more news about the new designs soon But Andy is still poorly, so get well soon Andy, it is not the same without him.
here is the link to the radio interview and the story they wrote, which is now on their site.

I am going to try and have a quiet night, get some sleep, get to the doctors as early as possible tomorrow and hope tomorrow is a better day!!

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Elaine said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Knowing what caravan rallies were/are usually like, I assume I have a pair of wellies on to go with my doggy dress!!!