Friday, 13 June 2008

When you need inspiration, where does it come from?

For some reason I have been struggling to process information today perhaps I am tired because it has been a busy week. I had a late night last night again (well anything after 8pm outside the house is late for me these days). I was invited to to hear Ruth Badger give a motivational speech and she was excellent. Her talk did seem more relevant to those in big business as opposed to someone in the design type business I work in and although I found it interesting, entertaining, informative, it didn't provide inspiration to me. So where do I look for inspiration? where do you find yours?

Whilst I am pondering that thought over the weekend here is a card I made in January. I made it during another difficult time, when I need to remind myself that I believe in what I am trying to do, even if others don't. It has been buried on my desk since I moved in here in February and some how fell out of a file today. So I thought I would post it here to remind us all to believe in a brilliant future.

It was created with one of the large daisy images from the double daisy stamp set. This now come now in two sizes and can be found at

I painted the stamp with black watercolour paint and a thick scrubby brush to get the markings.

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