Sunday, 10 January 2016

New sentiment stamps from Oak House Studio

I say this so many times, but I do really mean it, when I am designing stamps I expect them to work hard, stamps are an investment, and they take up space, so we want them to be used often. We have had a set of stamps like this before but they were out of stock and I thought a redesign was in order, So same words but new fonts, I loved the way the larger words from the last sets worked with the triple ink pads, so I chose to use that font to get the same look again,

Then I added in a couple of new flourishes too, oh yes and a "highlight box" so I could add a shadow behind the key words. You can mix and match these two, to say Best Wishes for the Future or Good Luck on Your Special Day....

I hope you like this new set.

I went on to do a similar set for Birthdays.

Another set to mix and match and create your own sentiment. I know many of you have no problem cutting up stamps to make your own designs and this set lends itself to just that. 
You can of course stamp the sentiment as it is on the plate then cut up what you have stamped.

Whatever you chose to do I hope you are inspired to get creative.

If you like the look of this set you may want to know I have put them both together with another border ready for TV on 20th January. 

Lynnda x


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