Saturday, 30 January 2016

ONE STAMP project

The What, The Why, The How, and most importantly how to join in.

A while ago, some one said quite innocently said to me " I have that stamp put I can't remember how to make the card" 
THE CARD... I was incensed surely any stamp is more than ONE CARD.
So I came up with this project where I sat down for 24 hours with one stamp to make as many different projects as I could, and I invited all my crafty friends to join me. 
In those days I had a studio I could invite people to join me in. 
We had a brilliant time.

We have a had a couple more sessions since then each time a different team. 
Last time Jane made this lovely skirt.

This time we are going to work with the Double Daisy set. I know it is a bit of a cheat using a two stamp set but hey we can make our own rules.
 So this time we are going to use the whole series that goes with this set.

Please leave a comment on any posts for the ONE STAMP project this weekend for a chance to win a prize, the more you comment the more chance you will have. In fact there are 3 ways to win.

 We would really love to see you join so tell us what you are doing or better still post a photo of your project on-line so we can all be inspired.

Most importantly let's have a great time.
Lynnda xx


Elaine said...

A great start! SO looking forward to seeing everyone's projects this weekend.

Lynne Vowles said...

Great ideas
I've finished my first project & am on to the next :)

Rebecca said...

I love the stamp!

Diane said...

Hope you have lots of "smiles" to count this weekend..... So many great projects already. Thank you for the fun Lynnda x

Debbie M said...

So many great blog posts through the day have been popping up and lots of inspiration. Thanks to Lynnda and everyone. Debbie xx