Saturday, 11 October 2014

ONE STAMP Christmas List book

I first made one these books a couple of years ago with my Christmas Craft group. We made it in December ready to fill up over the festive season for things we wanted to do the next year. To keep our Christmas Card lists etc. I loved mine but decided it was time for a new one.

 So really simple, I stamped and embossed 4 of the corner images on to White stamping card. This is heavily milled so it holds the ink well.

I used detail embossing powder of course, with all that detail in the stamp it would be silly to ruin it with thick embossing powder.

I have painted the image with Colour Chemistry Acrylic inks. Good for projects like this, they have a strong colour and last well, being water resistant.
I applied an even layer of the pale green Peridot over all the leave shapes and any background pieces. You will notice that I have come over the outside lines, this may look terrible now but it is really useful when you are cutting out.

 Next I painted the Hellebore part of the image. I used Sterling Silver ink and just a tiny bit of Peridot left over from doing the leaves. This was too much green and so I added more silver.

Next I added Malachite over the pale green on just the holly leaves - just round the tips of the leaves. Then I rinsed my brush in water and whilst it still had a hint of green went over the Holly leaves to blend the two colours a little. Again I am colouring outside the image. Finally little dots of Ruby red over the holly berries.
It is not looking too good at this stage, but I left it to dry.
The basic book was made using off cuts of Mount board - the mount board was textured and I have just highlighted this texture with a Forest Green Pigment Ink Pad. I have bound the book together using a bind it all and some large binding rings.

Once the corners were properly dry, I cut out each corner and glued to the cover of my book.

 Look much better now, right?
Sometimes you have to have faith. I have used the inks before, not for this stamp, but I did know what to expect. If you are new to acrylic inks set aside some time to play and try things out. I think you will like them.

 Then I made a closure from more mount board and the smaller corner.
I painted the whole stamp image with Pure Gold Acrylic paint and the background with a combination of Peridot and Malachite.

Time for me to eat and then back to glueing things together.

I hope you are still having a good time and being inspired to make a few different things.

Lynnda xx


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rachel said...

beautiful make Lynnda - that colouring in looks fab! Love it xx

ionabunny said...

I like your book. This is such a pretty stamp and so many great ideas. Hugz

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fantastic project, really stunning xxx