Saturday, 11 October 2014

One Stamp - MDF Hanger

Products Used:

This project was really fun to make and came out a lot better than expected!

Here's a 10 step guide of how I did it:
1. Paint a base layer of white acrylic paint on the MDF shape
2. Draw around the shape onto stamping card and cut out, so that you have a card heart
3. Stamp the Christmas Corner unmounted stamp around the edges using Forest Green Pigment Ink
4. Colour the flowers and holly in red. I used a marker but you could easily use some Acrylic Ink.
5. Using brushes lightly take the edge off the white background using Yummy Chocolate Pigment Ink
6. Gold emboss (you could use some of the Gold Embossing Powder) the Christmas Blessings and some of the Holly from the Christmas Wreath Stamp set
7. Using a strong glue attach the stamping card you have just used to the MDF shape.
8. Go over the top of the shape with some gloss to give a protective covering
9. Go around the edges of the shape with some building wax (I used one that is gold with a tinge of green)
10. Punch a hole in the top and attach some ribbon.

And then you're done! Your own handmade christmas decorations. Mini versions could look lovely on your tree or this one is the right size to go on your wall!

I hope you enjoy the rest of the One Stamp event, and look forward to seeing what you make too.




Linda Simpson said...

Gorgeous Andy, love the beautiful heart with the stamped corner, this will look fabulous over the Christmas period.
Linda xxx

Lazy Sunday said...


Rebecca said...

This is gorgeous, and I love the depth of the red ink :)

Vanessa Hodgson said...

Nice one Andy, Love it x

rachel said...

this is lovely Andy - so very pretty xx

ionabunny said...

Lovely piece. This is a very versatile stamp. Hugz

Cornish Rose said...

another lovely gift idea.

gillnstu said...

what a stunning wall decoration xxx