Sunday, 14 June 2015

And we are off again.

This is Lynnda, kicking the day off with some bookmarks. these are things I started yesterday, but it was great to get up and finish these off.
I have made 4 different bookmarks.

I added ribbon dyed with Inks in a bottle to the yellow card version.
I cut out the smaller sunflowers I painted with acrylic inks yesterday and glued them back to back using pinflair glue around a large paper clip, I then just tipped the cream card showing through at the backs with with acrylic inks.

The final design again uses sunflowers painted with acrylic ink yesterday and glued them to a small card which I used double sided tape the top together so it will sit over the corner of the page.

More to come so stay watching
Lynnda x


Kath Grantham said...

Love the book marks

Lizzy R said...

clever idea with the paper clip, I could be using that idea x

rachel said...

so very pretty Lynnda - love the ink colours x

Sara Y said...

I like that you showed us a few ideas all for bookmarks, I tend to think of the traditional straight boards

Karen R said...

Like the bookmark done with the paperclip, nice change from the straight ones.

Jane said...

The ribbons looks great, super bookmarks x

gillnstu said...

lovely and subtle, lets the image shine through xxx