Saturday, 13 June 2015

That is all for now folks

I have to admit the light is fading and I pretty tired.
All these things are on my desk ready to be finished tomorrow.
I am going to make a brew and do the last half hour on the sofa cutting some of this out.
I hope you have enjoyed today, I have certainly enjoyed getting back to my craft desk after a very busy couple of weeks supporting the family. Thank you for your support, 
Don't forget to leave comments on all the post for a chance to win to the three sunflower stamps.

See you in the morning x


Jane said...

Sleep well. Lovely work today. We're packed and ready to fly home from holiday on the morning !

Lizzy R said...

thanks for a great day, get some rest now x

rachel said...

beautiful work - I'm working in reverse - so looking forward to seeing what else you've done xx

Karen R said...

Interested to see what will appear from the backgrounds you have