Tuesday, 18 March 2008

feel the fear and do it anyway

Last night I drove out of town across the hills to hear a lady called Rachel tell us all about the Susan Jefferson's outlook on how to not let fear stop you achieving your dreams.
Rachel admits that as many of us where already in business or working towards getting new businesses off the ground, we had made it through the bad weather on a bleak night to a venue in the middle of nowhere, we were possibly all facing the fear and doing it anyway!!

It was my first visit to this group so I was perhaps more quiet than normal otherwise maybe I would have spoken up and shared these following thoughts with the other ladies there.

Rachel went on to tell us about what we should have in our "Tool Kits" to help us survive. My ears pricked was Rachel just about to justify my need for a CraftRobo or justify the Bind it all machine I bought in February. Sorry NO she wasn't talking about the tools we crafters find more and more essential. She was talking about simpler things than that, Firstly she advocated Journaling, just scribbling down thoughts and ideas she said....what a waste when you can craft a really great journal and have all that therapy doing it I thought, but at least I could think I am doing that one with knobs on (as they say)
and then she said everyone should get a cheering squad, now this one really made me smile, remember in my last blog I said how I was working hard to get everything together for a demo in another person's shop. Well that day was last Saturday and when the day came, there sat in the audience were faces from my own classes and groups, ladies I knew trusted me and believed in what I was doing, with such fantastic support how could I fail, what was there to fear. These ladies knew the products and where there to find more. Their faces smiling at me, their comments and support carried me through what could have been a very hard day.
So a HUGE thank you to Sharon, Barbara, Pauline and Shirley. Thanks you girls for being there for me and helping me know that what I had been struggling with all week was worthwhile.

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