Wednesday, 26 March 2008

what a picture

Well having described my Easter as sitting on the sofa with the dog eating chocolate I saw the prefect picture of just such a scene today. If I hadn't been saving all my pennies to get started on our range of embossing powders I would have been very tempted. It was a long picture with a lady of a certain age reading a book entitled how to change your life in 21 days, and beside her was a tin of chocolates, a pile of other books and a bottle of bubbly. Then at her feet, on the sofa two dogs. It looked like heaven!!
My life is slowly getting to where I want it to be but I am still surrounded by boxes and trying to make space to work. Unfortunately I do have to keep doing a few minor other jobs like feeding the family. OK I can hear you saying they both bright enough to feed you, but possibly I am feeling guilty about how much they have looked after me in the last few weeks. Is it just women who feel guilty about such things.
On Easter Sunday I decided I needed to make Yorkshire puddings. My Son loves these things and can be persuaded to eat a whole variety of other foods if Yorkshire puddings are part of the meal, so I general keep a few cheat ones in the freezer then I can add one or two to his meal at the drop of a hat, but the freezer was bare. SO I decided to make some, I have a few interesting attempts at this delicacy of the years but mostly edible and often fine. Well this Sunday they were awful I have no idea why they were just so bad but they were. But they insisted they were fine and asked for second helpings. I had to smile, I am sure they just being nice and where hoping that if they asked for them again even I couldn't possibly make them so bad twice!! in the past I would have got mad that they lied so much, but actually this time it seemed nice that they cared enough to lie! Now I know I going silly again.


Elaine said...

Life is too short to be making your own Yorkshire Puddings. Send them out to the shop and you'll have more crafting time!

Fred the Fluffy Caterpillar said...

Yorkshire Puddings from the shops are ok but you can't beat home made yorkshire. especially when the mixture is prepared in advance, it makes them even better. yummy.

Eels said...

My mum always tells me that the secret is a hot (preheated) oven and a wet baking tray in the oven with them to create steamy atmosphere - not sure how good this advice is as I more often buy Aunt Bessie's than cook my own - I'm with Elaine on the more time for crafting front!