Friday, 21 March 2008

woman can not live by bread alone

Last night I met up with two girls from my design team, I guess Rachel Shillito would call them part of my cheering squad.
Elisa decided that the best place we could meet and talk ( something we do very well) was at her friends cafe bar in Hull. The Hop and Vine. We have usually met up to do crafting ( with a small chat thrown in) at my shop.
This was my first visit to the Hop and Vine and it was ideal for the night we had planned, This place has a great list of real ales AND an equally spectacular lists of breads. So despite my attempts to avoid all things wheat based I succumbed to a poachers platter!! All the food was very good and they had the sort of menu that makes you want to go back to try something else next time.
I took along a couple of projects I wanted some feed back on. And feed back I got!! As ever both were very supportive and encouraging. We talked very fast to try and fit it all in.
We all had so much to say.
So girls if you want to talk about things you haven't quite decided on, if you want to think out loud, and make your own decisions in the end. Then I recommend and good night with two or three good mates.
A good friend will let you talk, ask the odd question and then help you understand why the decision, you have made was the right, but most importantly it was your decision they were just there to listen to your thinking process!!
So thanks girls once again for your support.
Oh yes those craft projects. well when they are finally finished I will post them on the website. they are both mono chromatic though!!

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Eels said...

Glad you liked the venue and I never asked - did the bread have a bad reaction? By the way I went into the Hop and Vine again on Saturday night after a concert at the City Hall (Kate Rusby - brilliant) and discovered that they have come joint first in the Hull Camra's Pub of the year award - not bad after only 15 months of trading!