Wednesday, 12 March 2008

nearly there

I am struggling to see where my time is going again, I had so much to do over the last two weeks.

I am doing a demonstration with my stamp range Oak House Studio on Saturday at Paper Roses on Holderness Road in Hull. Before then I would have liked to see all the new packaging I have been slaving over onto my updated stock. I was hoping the new T shirts would have arrived too.
Well it looks like we should manage to get the new stocks in on time and it might even be in the new packaging, but that means everything has to fall into place tomorrow.

I was hoping to have some new textured black card ready in the samples, well we should have it for Saturday so will be able to show people how great it is, but I won't have chance to play with it much before hand. We should just make it by the skin of our teeth, but so many factors are out of my control and I don't like that!

This afternoon I have managed to get a little play with the new stamps and some watercolour paints. I used ready mixed watercolour in tubes by Pentel and squeezed some paint straight from the tube onto the stamp. Then I used the scrubbiest brush I could find to pull the paint out over the stamp leaving brush makes as I went. I stamped this image onto white linen card. The results where like very naive country painting will look good with gingham style embellishments.
I have left them out to dry. I will post the pictures when I have made them into cards.

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Elaine said...

Look forward to seeing the new cards. Won't be able to make Paper Roses but hope the demonstrations go well.