Tuesday, 25 March 2008

happy easter

We have had the sort of weather that makes you want to curl up on the sofa with the dog and a good supply of chocolate to watch a long film on the television.
I had expected to get out a little over Easter put we made two rather poor attempts at getting outdoors and both times to shop, not we bought very much either!!
My son being 15, has enjoyed the long sessions in front of the TV and it has been fun to spend that time with him, I have been outside with the dog, but he too has enjoyed the long cuddles this holiday weekend.
Today I have desperately been trying to find the motivation to get things sorted ready for a show we are exhibiting at next weekend at the KC stadium in Hull. I did stop once to play, I mean try out a new embossing powder sample but my excuse is simple I need to know if we want to order this new colour for the show in Hull. The answer is quite simply yes and now all I have to do is decide which of the many colours on my shopping list are essential for the Hull Show and which can wait until we launch new stamp designs in May.
I hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend, however you spent it. Why don't you let me know.
email me at oakhousestudio@googlemail.com I would love to hear from you.

I hope to have news of a way you can keep in touch with the Oak House Studio and how you can find out about new products as they arrive. When this is all sorted I will let you know here and on the website. If you haven't checked out my stamp website yet have a look now www.oakhousestudio.com


Fred the Fluffy Caterpillar said...

Please let me know which colours you decided on for the Hull Show.

Eels said...

Blooming awful weather, our fence blew down on Good Friday and I very nearly got frost bite going outside to rescue what was left of it! Doesn't feel like Easter weather at all - we had lots of plans to go out and do an easter egg hunt and other stuff but ended up staying in front of the tv eating chocolate too! The girls were very impressed that the Easter Bunny left them so much chocolate!