Saturday, 29 March 2008

the far east comes to Beverley

I have had a great evening out with my friends from the Beverley Circle of Women Merchants better known as the Beverley Sisters. We all met up after work in the local Tapas bar with the idea of moving on somewhere to eat. I arrived with Susan to discover three more of the girls all about to start on some very pink Singapore Slings. I took a quick look at the drinks and a quick sip of Alison's cocktail and decided to go mad and have one myself. I rarely drink but tonight was special and so I decided to indulge. Just the one !! oh yes we have all heard that before. Alison ordered a few nibbles, some garlic bread and olives and a few vegetables, then some more nibbles and another drink.
Now this event started at 5pm so by 8pm we are all very relaxed and laid back literally in the leather sofas. So another good night. The girls presented me with a lovely pair of Pilgrim Earrings from Figaro in Wednesday Market, excellent choice girls. I LOVE THEM, and the earrings.
Serious note here. The Beverley Sisters always have a good time when they go out or get together, the emphasis is definitely on having a good time, but the friendship and support the groups offers each other has been invaluable to me a woman alone in my shop everyday. These girls know what the problems are and they have been very encouraging through out. THANK YOU

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Fred the Fluffy Caterpillar said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all. I certainly would be interested in trying that cocktail. I am glad you got chance to go out and relax I think you needed it after the last couple of days.