Saturday, 8 March 2008

a time for reflection

Last night I was invited to speak to a group of people in Driffield which about 15 miles away from home. I only a had a vague idea about who I was going to meet, I have only done a few of these talks before and usually to an audience of 20 -30 ladies of a certain vintage. I arrived last night to discover young people in my group and a few men. But I had nothing that thoroughly prepared and hopefully I wasn't too boring for everyone.
I was invited to introduce myself to the group. This was actually very cathartic. Telling a group of people I had only just meet, all eyes on me, about some of the challenges I have faced, helped me appreciate just what I have managed to achieve recently. I must say that anything I have achieved has come because plenty of support and friendship that has been offered me since I moved to Beverley. The sense of community I have felt since living here has been tremendous. I have met some wonderful people many of whom never stop helping those around them. I hope I am able to offer support in return, I certainly try.
Well I enjoyed last night and hopefully more people will understand what stamping is really all about. One person has emailed me to say they enjoyed themselves and looking forward to seeing me demonstrate again at the Craft Show in Hull ( April 6th). For those who can't wait until then I will be in Paper Roses on Holderness Road on Saturday 15th March.
Full details of both events are on the website.
email me if you want more details.

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